Friday, August 20, 2010

Visit Suzuki Farm for Organic Japanese Ingredients

Founded in Delmar, Delaware, Suzuki Farm has been offering the East Coast fresh, organic, chemical and pesticide-free Japanese vegetables for 26 years. On their 28-acre farm, they grow more than 30 kinds of vegetables that are essential ingredients in Japanese cuisine, including organic daikon radishes, kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), edamame, and fuki (Japanese rhubarb), mame yuzu (a citrus fruit), and gobo (burdock). It's not easy to find locally- and organically-grown Japanese produce in NYC, so come visit Suzuki Farm at the Healthy Food & Green Festival this Sunday! Perhaps our JRO Essence of Japanese Cuisine demonstrations will inspire you to cook up some delicious okonomiyaki or macrobiotic dish, and so you can pick up your ingredients at Suzuki Farm. Additionally, we'll have reusable totes for you to carry your purchases!