Tuesday, August 17, 2010

JRO Essence of Japanese Cuisine Demonstration Schedule

We're pleased to announce our demonstration schedule for the Healthy Food & Green Festival! There will be a stage in the center of the festival (Madison Avenue between 43rd & 45th Streets), where well-regarded chefs from the New York restaurant world as well as food experts will present the basics of Japanese cuisine and demonstrate how to use some Japanese ingredients. Free tastings follow the Dashi & Umami, Okonomiyaki, and Mentaiko Demonstrations.

11:00 AMIntroduction

Healthy Home Cooking (by Billy Strynkowski)

What is Umami? (by Chef Fred Sabo)
11:15 AMDashi & Umami

How to Make Miso Soup/How to Use Miso
(by Marukome USA) *Free tastings!
12:00 PMSushi

How to Make Sushi (by the Japanese Culinary Center)
12:45 PMOkonomiyaki

How to Make Okonomiyaki (by Otafuku) *Free tastings!
1:30 PMHealthy Cooking
by Masaki Nakayama, chef of Tanuki Tavern and Japanese healthy cooking professional
2:15 PMMentaiko

What is Mentaiko (by Exec. Chef Koji Hagihara of Hakata Tonton) *Free tastings!
3:00 PMMacrobiotic Food

by Hirokazu Yoda, Exec. Chef of Souen
3:45 PMSoybeans *Free tastings!

How to Make Hiyayako Tofu (by Chef Fred Sabo)

Tofu Cooking (by Maggie Ruggiero, Food Stylist)


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