Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Versatile Towel, Tenugui, is Making Big Steps in Fashion and Therapy

Wuhao New York specializes in Japanese tenugui, a traditional towel that is used for everyday household uses but has become a very popular internationally in the fashion market. Tenugui have also been used as a bandana, giftwrap, or simple decorations. Wuhao will be demonstrating some of the versatile uses of tenugui at the Healthy Food & Green Festival, exercising the Japanese expression "Mottainai," or "Don't waste." They have also invited guests from the Ohashi Shiatsu Institute to demonstrate (on willing participants) how tenugui can be used for Shiatsu massage therapy, developed by Ohashi Institute themselves. All visitors are welcome to a ten minute tenegui shiatsu massage by these trained professionals, and the first 50 customers will also receive a free Wuhao mame-shibori tenegui!


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