Friday, August 20, 2010

Love Your Insides with Yakult!

JapanTown welcomes our new sponsor, Yakult, the brand well-known for its delicious nutritional fermented dairy drink. For 75 years Yakult has been improving digestion and nutrition worldwide. They strongly believe that a healthy intestinal tract will lead to a long life. Similar to yogurt, Yakult contains probiotics, or "good bacteria," which combats harmful bacterias in your digestive system, allowing your body to build up natural defenses. Yakult also conveniently comes in multiple sizes, their signature brand being the 1 shot bottles (2.7 ounces) for adding to your daily diet. There are also comes in different flavors, including apple, orange and grape. The name Yakult is derived from the Esperanto word for yogurt. The Yakult website contains an abundance of information on proiotics and about their particular strain lactobacillius casei, for those who are interested. Stop by the Healthy Food and Green Festival on Sunday to have a taste some Yakult!


Shanis Navas said...

My host mother gave this to my little host brother and sister every morning for breakfast. I tried it once, DELISH :3

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