Monday, August 9, 2010

Drink to Your Health with Ryokko Aojiru

Asahi Ryokuken Co. is a Japanese company that specializes in the famous Ryokko Aojiru health drink made primarily from powdered young organic barley grass. Aojiru, a drink that has been around in Japan for ages, is a commonly prescribed nutritional supplement in Japan.

Ryokko Aojiru is good for you for several reasons. First, its unique combination of vitamins and nutrients helps prevent the absorption of cholesterol. It also includes lactic bacteria to improve digestion. Ryokko Aojiru's powder can be added to any beverage, or even food (they recommend adding it to yogurt, or even pancakes for kids!) It is also a safe, easy way to maintain a nutrient-rich diet during pregnancy.

Since 1997, Ryokko Aojiru has been developed in a complex, state-of-the-art method; it's extremely thorough quality

control process makes sure you bring home a safe, high-quality drink. Check out the link for pictures and videos of the entire process. It looks like they are working in a space station! You can also order one free sample to try out or taste the evolved form of an age-old recipe at JapanTown's Healthy Food and Green Festival!