Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Official press release! Our next festival, the Healthy Food & Green Festival, invigorates Midtown New York on August 22nd! Come and discover the tasty good-for-you Japanese eats you probably never had before. This festival features unique Japanese foods that promote your health, organic ingredients, and sustainable products. You'll some interesting foods you'll find are hiyashi chuuka (a Japanese cold noodle dish), kukicha (tea stem tea), and Ryokko Aojiru (a health drink). There will also be demonstrations on how to use select Japanese ingredients in your everyday life. Some sponsors who specialize in healthy products have also joined this festival, such as Marukome, Asahi Ryokuken, Kikkoman, and Ito En. Stay tuned to find out more about the world of unique Japanese foods, our sponsors, vendors and their delicious healthy products!


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