Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Performers at the Fair!

Besides all the tasty food, shopping, fun and games, you'll be entertained by several Japanese musicians, artists, and dancers throughout the day. Here's the lineup: 

12 PM - 1 PM
Nobuki Takamen Group (Jazz)

1 PM - 2 PM
Hariyama Ballet and Kyokushin Karate

2 PM - 3 PM
Fuji Ryu Taijutsu (Ko Budo)

3 PM - 4 PM
New York Taiko Aiko Kai (Japanese Drums)

4 PM - 5 PM
NY Okinawa Club (Sanshin perfomance)

5 PM - 6 PM
Mai Kawamura (Pop)


Man said...

Very cool I have to remember this date.

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