Thursday, August 13, 2009

FOOD at the Fair!


Wondering what you'll be eating at the NYC Japan Street Fair? Here's the list of some of the mouthwatering Japanese food you'll find and the companies and local restaurants that will be making them.

• Misoyaki (miso-marinated beef) by Marukome

• Okonomiyaki (a savory Japanese pancake) by Otafuku Foods. A great comfort food, okonomikyaki recipes vary from region to region

• Gyoza (Japanese dumplings) and beef bowls by Ajinomoto Frozen Foods

• Five different flavors of soy milk - FREE from Kikkoman. That includes matcha and chocolate

• Konnyaku, or Konjac (a type of Asian yam that comes in a jelly form) from SHOW LLC. They'll be showing you what it is and different recipes

• Shaved ice, ice cream, and Japanese-style buns and pastries from Cafe Zaiya

• Japanese grilled tonton pork by Hakata Tonton, a restaurant specializing in authentic Kyushu soul food.

• Japanese-style grilled marinated beef by Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese BBQ restaurant

• Mochitsuki (a traditional Japanese rice cake ) from Inakaya, a robatayaki grill restaurant. They will also be demonstrating how to make it with fresh mochi. Look out for lots of rice pounding with mallets

• Cold udon and sweets from Uminoie, a restaurant/bar in the East Village

• Cold ramen salad and salmon rolls from Souen Noodle in the East Village

• Japanese curry and sushi (how could the NYC Japan Street Fair be complete without sushi?) from Washoku Cafe in Midtown.

AND House Foods is inviting the celebrity chef of Cooking Right magazine, Billy Strynkowski, to demonstrate healthy cooking with tofu and Japanese ingredients. He'll be making tofu milanese using House Foods tofu. There will be an autograph signing after the demonstration!

Additionally, there will be a booth by a top New York chef who'll be featuring his secret BBQ sauce made from Japanese ingredients.

Visitors can also collect stamps from each of their purchases from the booths. If they collect enough, they'll receive free gifts from Japanese companies.


Anonymous said...

Ooh..tempting! Can't wait to go!

sakuraconcerto said...

I'm gonna go to this for sure!! I just LOVE Japanese food, and Japanese culture!! Not to mention that I'm a TOTAL OTAKU/FANGIRL of Anime, Manga, and, well, almost everything Japanese! LOL

I'm so excited! This is gonna be so great. I'm glad I'll be bringing my friends along to share the experience. ^^ It's going to be wonderful, I just know it.

Anonymous said...

"how could the NYC Japan Street Fair be complete without sushi?"

Easily lol raw fish is disgusting

Anonymous said...

Sushi = vinegar rice
Sashimi = raw fish

Get it right, 12:14. あほんだら。

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