Saturday, September 25, 2010

Konnyaku: A Super Versatile Ingredient That Improves Your Health

Konnyaku Jelly
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S.H.O.W. LLC. (Simple Healthy Organic Wealthy) will be at the Soul Food Festival tomorrow to introduce their konnyaku products. Konnyaku (also known as konjac) is a type of yam native to some parts of Asia that's becoming popular for its health benefits. It isn't widely known about here but is commonly used in Japanese food such as in shiritaki noodles, oden, sukiyaki, and fruit jelly cups. Flavorless and virtually calorie-free, konnyaku is high in fiber and can reduce cholestrol and blood sugar as well as improve immune systems. It's an ideal diet food as well. Because it is over 90% water, gelatinizes quickly and expands to many times its size, it gives the consumer a feeling of fullness and is thus an ideal food for weight control. S.H.O.W. LLC. comes from Gumna Prefecture in Honshu Island, where about 90% of all Japanese Konnyaku is made.

S.H.O.W. LLC. is headed by Sachiko Mitsuno who began her mission of spreading the word on konnyaku when she came to the U.S. and noticed that the lunches served at her children's school were nutritionally unbalanced. Not only is konnyaku healthy and low in calorie, it's versatile because konnyaku powder can be kneaded into pizza dough, meatballs and other dishes without taking away from the taste.

S.H.O.W. LLC. will be enlightening visitors on this healthy product and serve it in various foods at the Soul Food Festival. If you're on a diet or are interested in new healthy ingredients, come on by and check them out!


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