Monday, September 20, 2010

Amakusa Toishi Brings Age Old Samurai Sharpening Stones To Soul Food Fest

While many people come to the JapanTown festivals to enjoy the variety of food offered, we also get a lot of people interested in cooking. At the Soul Food Festival, we have a new vendor who will help you hone your cooking skill to a razor fine edge. Amakusa Toishi has been manufacturing blade sharpening stones made from waterstone since the Sengoku Era, and the Amakusa region became renowned for these sharpening stones. The stones in this region develop a unique pattern called the "tiger's eye." Originally used to sharpen swords, these blocks of waterstone are perfect for sharpening any blade! If it was used to sharpen swords, then it must certainly sharpen for kitchen knives well. Amakusa Toishi can be found at the Soul Food Festival on September 26th.


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