Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beard Papa's Brings Organic Cream Puffs to JapanTown

Ever heard of Beard Papa's? This delicious pastry shop is one of the few chain stores that offers all-natural, organic, addictive pastries. Beard Papa's is big in Japan and has been a huge commercial success worldwide. They are especially popular in California and Canada, with about 10-16 stores in each location. They have settled down in the United States' East Coast and seduced New Yorkers with one giant cream puff at a time. Beard Papa's used to have several stores in New York, but unfortunately only one remains - their Upper West Side one.  

Beard Papa's famous cream puffs are filled with natural original custard combined with whipped cream. The custard takes two hours to prepare because it is blended in several steps and whipped to a delightful, fluffy texture. Baked several times daily, the cream puffs, topped with a sprinkling of powdered sugar, are always fresh and high quality. The signature flavor, vanilla, is made with organic vanilla beans. You can choose from other seasonal or daily flavors such as chocolate, pumpkin, Earl Grey, coffee, green tea, strawberry, and eclair. If you've ever been to a Beard Papa's store, you'll always remember the pleasant vanilla aroma that comes from the baking puffs and whipped custard as well as the friendly staff who greet you upon entering. When you order, they will inject each shell with the flavor of your choice. 

Beard Papa's cream puffs are made with no preservatives so they must be eaten up immediately, but when it's this good, why wait? There's even a method to eating a Beard Papa's cream puff without the custard oozing all over you. You'll figure it out once you've eaten enough!

If you never tried Beard Papa's before or miss them too much, be sure to get some at the Healthy Food and Green Festival tomorrow!