Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Squid Hunt

The winner for the Cool Japan Festival Squid Hunt is...Jesus Huero! Congrats for getting it up first on our Facebook page. Jesus wins a $50 gift certificate to Kinokuniya.  It was a close competition, with only a two-minute difference between the first and second entries. Thanks to everyone who participated! It wouldn't have been fun without you all.

At the festival, many people and people of all ages were searching for the missing squids; we saw everyone from toddlers to adults taking pictures of them.

This event was unfortunately not without tragedy, as two of the squids got lost at different points during the festival. They were duly recovered, and traumatized with their squishy squid feelings, they sought refuge. One clung nearby one of his Fugu (puffer fish) accomplice friends, and the other decided to latch himself and his "L" onto a JapanTown team member! Additionally, we're aware of some people's confusion in posting, and in our next contests, we will be clearer in our instructions to post. We'd like to thank all of the diligent participants again for their enthusiasm in this activity.


Nora said...

how did you guys determine the winner?? i see that vicky leung was the first one to put the link on the facebook wall. please explain why she didn't win?!

JapanTown said...

Hold your horses! We solved the mixup. Read our next post!

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