Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For That Pretty Little Something, Kiteya's Got It

If you find yourself wandering the streets of Soho, you may happen across a nice little store called Kiteya. Kiteya, meaning, “please visit us,” could not be more welcoming. Its refreshing, naturally-lit open space is graced with the vibrant colors and beautiful traditional Japanese patterns of its products. This quaint store specializes in traditional Japanese craftwork that are displayed side-by-side with modern Japanese fabrics, clothing, paper, and other accessories. A single visit can’t possibly be enough; Kiteya’s variety of designs and pretty little things are sure to make you wish you could buy it all!. If you are in the market for sprucing up your apartment or just looking for that special clutch to liven up your wardrobe - or maybe you simply want something nice - visit Kiteya for a wide range of uniquely Japanese accessories. Kiteya will also be at the Cool Japan Festival, but of course they will only be able to feature a fragment of their wares. If you can, check out their store for the experience!