Monday, July 12, 2010

FOOD at the Cool Japan Festival!

Eager in anticipation for the food selections at JapanTown's Cool Japan Festival? Here's a list of some of the delicious Japanese foods you can expect and the local businesses that will serve them:

Beef bowl dumplings from Ajinomoto Frozen Foods USA

Grilled tonton pork from Hakata Tonton

Fancy sugar cube candies from Web Japan, Inc.

Cold udon from Umi No Ie

Organic Japanese produce from Suzuki Farm

Fried soba from Go Restaurant

Chinese noodles and fresh spring rolls from Souen

Okonomiyaki and yakisoba from Otafuku

Octopus curry served by Curry-Ya

Katsu Curry Dog, Chicken Katsu Curry Dog and Sausage Curry Dog from Go! Go! Curry!

Pastries and shaved ice offered by Cafe Zaiya

"Japanese Pizza" by O Planning

Ice cream served by Karaoke Shout