Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cool Japan FASHION CONTEST! Winner Will Receive Free Tickets to Japan!

Harajuku Street Fashion (image credit)

JapanTown is seeking fashionable people to participate in our Cool Japan Fashion Contest! Winners will receive a prize of a free round-trip ticket to Japan from IACE Travel.

The deal:
Come to the Cool Japan festival dressed in your most creative Japanese street fashion outfit - whatever style (ie. Lolita, Ganguro, kogal, Visual Kei, kawaii, cosplay, just plain fashionable, etc.) it may be. You can even come dressed in yukata, but whatever you wear, make sure it's amazing and makes people want to take your picture! We are looking for whoever represents modern, cool Japan the best. You should look like you just walked off the streets of fashion epicenters such as Harajuku, Ginza, and Shibuya. We're expecting plenty of trendsetters, since this festival will be in the East Village, after all. The contest will be judged by representatives from American Airlines, IACE Travel, and Samurai Beat Radio.

At the festival, make your way to the Cool Japan Fashion Contest booth and have your photo taken. After we get all photos of contestants, judges from IACE Travel, American Airlines, and a guest judge will choose the winner. Contestants' photos will be posted on our blog and Flickr.

The Cool Japan festival is only one week away! Start thinking of what you'll wear! Here are some Japanese street fashion sites for your inspiration:
FYI, everyone interested in participating the the Fashion Contest must sign a photo release giving us permission to take your picture. But those under 18 years old must have that release also signed by a parent; so if you don't want to them tagging along with you to the festival, print out the release at home, have them sign it, and then bring the form to the festival. Cool?

Click here for the form.