Friday, July 16, 2010

Catch Squids for Book Cash!

We got a fun little game planned for the Cool Japan Festival that involves exploring hiding places in our two-block event and winning a gift from Kinokuniya. Read on:

Our mischievous mascot Squid has stolen all the letters in COOL JAPAN! Help us find him to restore the letters in our festival's name!

There are nine letters in COOL JAPAN, so there are nine squids to find. But beware! Squid has enlisted his friends Tai the Snapper and Fugu the Puffer to throw you off track. Make sure you find the right one!

When you find a squid, take a picture of it - and make sure it's clear. Then upload all your photos to Flickr, create an album for them, then post a link to your album on our Facebook page. The first person to do all this wins a $50 gift certificate to Kinokuniya bookstore!

Hurry! Squids are waiting to be found!

 Squid Impostors:

This is what your findings should look like: