Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wuhao NYC's Tenugui!

Introducing Wuhao NYC's tenugui, traditional Japanese cotton towels. It's not just any towel - it's a unique object that has a long, proud history in Japanese culture for over 1500 years. Essentially, they're thin cotton hand towels sized about 35 by 90 centimeters and almost always printed with some pattern. The special thing about tenugui is that the Japanese have used it in novel ways besides wiping their hands with it. Ordinary people use them as decoration around the house or as a personal accessory. Samurai have worn tenugui under their helmets for comfort in the heat of battle. Merchants and performers have also used tenugui as a form of advertisement. They would create their own design on the tenugui and give them away to clients or guests so that they'll be remembered. Tenugui are often used as a head covering in Kendo, and sometimes different schools will get tenugui that display their emblem on them. Fans of anime and manga will also recognize the tenugui, as plain white ones are frequently seen in the sentō (bathhouse) scenes. Tenugui make popular souvenirs, because of their unique prints, history, and versatility - you can use them to dry your dishes and even use them in place of paper gift wrap. The number of creative uses are endless! Check out the possibilities from Wuhao below:

Tenugui makes presenting wine bottles easier! No more fussing with paper

Use it in place of gift wrap

As a wall decoration

As a headwrap

As a placemat

...and as a blanket for a frog

Wuhao employs artistic hand dying in its production of tenugui. Their skilled craftsmen design tenugui in a multitude of interesting styles, ranging from traditional designs from different eras or regions of Japan to fun designs with sharks and dinosaurs. Each tenugui is carefully dyed and may boast the vibrant colors of spring or the subtle tones of winter. In addition, there is Wuhao’s Well-Being line, which is made from 100% organic cotton and offers soft, pleasing colors to make wearers feel safe. Wuhao offers over 100 designs of tenugui, each unique and for a different personality.Wuhao NYC sells their unique tenugui through their online store but will also be present at the fair, so you can have a chance to see a real one in person!


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