Friday, August 14, 2009

KYOKUSHIN Karate Classes

Historically, Japanese Karate originated from the age of the Samurai, when the worker classes were weapon-less. So, the art of fighting with bare hands, or “kara-te” evolved as a form of self-defense. The philosophy of KYOKUSHIN Karate emphasizes the achievement of personal goals, whether physical, mental or spiritual and stresses the development of patience, respect and character.
KYOKUSHIN practice is physically demanding, yet suitable for all ages and abilities, with special training programs and events for advanced students, absolute beginners, children, seniors and professional tournament competitors. KYOKUSHIN produces some of the most celebrated karate fighters in the world and is renowned in the martial arts field as “The Strongest Karate.”

KYOKUSHIN Karate curriculum stresses the practical application of offense and defense techniques in a controlled environment to prepare for situations one might face in real-life. Every student starts as a beginner and is guided to fulfill their potential under the care and personal attention of our IKO-Certified Black Belt Instructor Team.

They are open seven days a week and offer classes on Madison Avenue, Edgewater, NJ, and Westchester, NY with reciprocal training privileges at all three locations locally and membership in the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan operating Affiliate Schools in 135 countries around the world. FREE TRIAL class for Kids!

KYOKUSHIN KARATE is located at:

The Dojo Athletic Arts Training Center
265 Madison Ave, 5th Floor @ 39th St
(212) 947-3334


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